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Winter Tyres

Tyre Devotion Supply and Fit all Brands of winter tyres. With our independent advice you can ensure that you get the right winter tyres to suit your requirements and budget. We supply the Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire area with winter tyres fitted at your home or work. No hassle having to queue up to get your winter tyres on. 

We also carry out a winter tyre changeover service, why load you winter tyres into your car and queue up to get them fitted, let Tyre Devotion come to your door and make it hassle free.

Why Fit Winter Tyres?

Winter tyres are tyres which have been specially developed to work at temperatures under seven degrees Celsius. With the recent bad weather, and the chaos on the roads, they may be a good option to ensure that your car performs as best it can when roads are cold, wet, icy or snowy.

Here’s our guide to winter tyres – why they’re helpful and how you should use them.

  • They’re not just for snow. Winter tyres are designed work better whenever the temperature drops below 7˚C – which, in Scotland, you can probably assume will be much of the winter.
  • Braking. If temperatures drop below 7˚C, winter tyres will help you stop 11 metres sooner than normal tyres, when braking in an icy road from 20mph.
  • Traction. Winter tyres, by design, are better able to cope with starting off in snow, slush and ice, and less likely to slip.
  • Speed. Typically winter tyres have a lower speed rating than regular tyres. But in winter conditions, when extra care should be taken, this shouldn’t compromise your driving.
  • Wear. Swapping your regular tyres for winter tyres will mean that both sets could last longer as it will stop wear and tear on summer tyres during bad weather.

Please call today for the current availability and prices. Brands Supplied – Nokian, Vredestein, Continental, Michelin, Hankook, Nankang, Goodride, Dunlop, Pirelli and many more……