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Alloy Wheel Straightening Service

Have you got a dented bent or buckled your alloy wheel? 

Here at Tyre Devotion we have the latest Alloy Wheel Straightening machine to allow us to remove dents and buckles from alloy wheels to help ensure that they roll straight and true once more. 

Alloy wheels can get damaged in a variety of ways, they can get hit by kerb, bent in a pothole and impact at any sort of speed could impact the shape, alloy is a very soft metal and it doesn’t take much to bend. Thankfully we can bend it back.

It’s best fixed sooner rather than later as well, because once buckled, dented or bent, the alloy wheel can cause problems with your steering, tyre inflation, wheel balancing and uneven tyre wear.

Alloy wheel before straightening

Alloy wheel AFTER straightening

Tyre Devotion can push these bends, buckle or dents out with our alloy wheel straightening machine. With our machine and knowledge we can straighten most wheels regardless of how badly dented. 

So if you have a badly buckled/dented alloy wheel that you think is non repairable, why not give us a call before buying a new wheel and potentially save yourself some money. 

We can pretty much straighten any alloy wheel regardless of how badly dented it is, our machinery is capable of safely and precisely rectifying any dents or bends in the wheel. 

Our Alloy Wheel Straightening Service is carried out at our Kemnay Workshop, so to arrange to get your wheel or wheels straightened call us on 07967994502 or contact us by e-mail or through Facebook. 

We can also supply and replace tyres whilst we are straightening wheels, we can also arrange to collect and deliver you wheels with one of our Mobile fitting vans.