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Free Puncture Repair Terms and Conditions

  1. Only tyres purchased brand new within a 6 month period from date of purchase from Tyre Devotion Qualify for the Free Puncture Repair.
  2. If the tyre has any sidewall damage, bulges or defects these will void any repairs and the tyre will require to be replaced.
  3. The tyre must have a minimum of 3mm tread remaining across 75% of the tyre to qualify for the Free Puncture Repair.
  4. Tyre Devotion will take a equivalent tyre along when coming to investigate the repair so that should the tyre not be repairable we will have a replacement tyre to fit to the wheel.
  5. If the tyre is not repairable there is no value to the Free Puncture Repair and the full price of a replacement tyre will be payable on completion of the work.
  6. Tyres that have been rallied or raced do not qualify.
  7. This service is non transferrable and only puncture repairs carried out by Tyre Devotion will be free of charge. We do not accept any charges for repairs carried out by 3rd parties.
  8.  Each Tyre Devotion Priority Card Holder is entitled to one free puncture repair on each new tyre they purchase.
  9.  The puncture must be in a repairable area of the tyre according to the British Standards for repairing a tyre, see below guidelines for more information. 

 Your safety is our prime concern and therefore if on inspection of the punctured tyre our Tyre Technician decides it is not repairable this will require replacement of the tyre. 

British Standard Tyre Repair Rules

  • Tyre repairs for cars and vans are only permitted in the central 60% to 70% of the tyres nominal width (known as ‘Area T’), with this percentage differing as shown below, depending on the size of the tyre.

Repairable Percentage Area (‘Area T’) based on Nominal Section Width
Up to and including 155mm - 60%
Between 155mm and 200mm - 65%
Above 200mm - 70%

Example - Tyre size 205/55R16; 
Nominal section width = 205mm
70% of this width = 144mm
This tyre is repairable within 72mm of either side of the tyre centre line.

  • The maximum diameter of the penetration hole left by the puncturing object is 6mm.
  • Repairs in Area T must not overlap one another.

NOTE: All the information on this page is relevant to what is considered a minor repair to a radial construction tyre fitted to a car and van. This information is not relevant to commercial vehicles, heavy plant or industrial vehicles.